The richest people alive
29 July 2023 | 6:21 pm

We are flush with chanterelles! Along the tractor path to the southeast of our house, among invasive Japanese stiltgrass are many pounds of bright gold fungus. Zack and I harvested as much as be could before today’s storms rolled through, … Continue reading

mothering the monarchs
27 July 2023 | 6:56 pm

Today I witnessed magic. Today I watched a monarch lay eggs on the milkweed I planted 3 years ago. To have privy to this beautiful moment was such a gift from one mother to another. We have found 4 hungry … Continue reading

12 May 2023 | 7:50 pm

We didn’t know how much this creature would love or challenge us. Our family misses our social and daring sweetheart of a rural to city to farm cat, Sir Neilium the Hotdog-Stealing, the Explosive Diarrhea-On-Pregnant-Sarah, the MOST Supreme of Altitude … Continue reading

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