Astronomical occurrences
17 May 2024 | 12:00 pm

In the span of two posts here I’ve witnessed two astronomical events! First the total solar eclipse, and then more recently the aurora borealis. Both were amazing, especially the aurora. I’d never seen either before and both were pretty incredible to behold.

I left my old job at the start of the month, and, after a few days off, I’ve started a new one! I’m really excited for this one, though around day two the anxiety and imposter syndrome started to kick in pretty hard core. But, I’m coming in to a senior position, in exactly my sorta jam, so I know if I give it some time I’ll find my sea legs pretty quickly.

With a few days off, I found myself with more time than usual to play video games. Two stand out titles include Rusty’s Retirement and Carto. Rusty’s Retirement is an idle farming sim where you and a pack of pixel-art robots set up a little farm. The neatest part of the game is that it doesn’t include any of the punishment mechanics from other farming sims. If you walk away or don’t play for a while nothing bad happens. Crops don’t languish, no virtual people starve. Reserves aren’t depleted. Alarms don’t sound. If you keep it running the robots finish up their tasks, then sit on benches or otherwise chill. I felt motivated to make them cozy little benches surrounded by flowers and mushrooms. The second neatest part of the game is that you cannot play it in full screen. It docks to one side of your screen, the idea being that you can keep it running while you do other stuff on your computer. It is sort of like a more involved Tamagotchi.

Carto is a paper-feel adventure/puzzle game. I’ve only played through the first few minutes of it, but so far am enjoying it and am excited to play more. When I started it I wasn’t expecting it to have as much story as it does.

My other gaming accomplishment was that, after literally years of trying I got through the first section of Celeste. 🍓

On the reading front I’ve been reading Babel, or the Necessity of Violence: an Arcane History of the Oxford Translators’ Revolution, by R. F. Kuang. I’m enjoying it, but finding it a bit heavy handed (which may well be the point). It pairs unexpectedly nicely with The Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins by Anna Tsing since both are in conversation with colonialism, capitalism, and what I wanna label as placedness.” Not sure what I’ll be reading next.

A closing link: I’ve been really enjoying Ivan Reese’s Tone Dome. It is a lot of things, but for the sake of brevity I’ll describe it as an ambient soundscape generator. It gets real wild if you run it on a couple devices all at once.

📸 Photo
11 May 2024 | 12:34 pm

A photograph looking up at the night sky. Sheets of aurora are visible across the sky in bands of green and purple.

📸 Photo
18 April 2024 | 11:10 pm

A male yellow rumped warbler showing off its dashing blue plumage and big old blue rump.

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