Word of the week: Sportswashing
23 May 2022 | 1:06 pm

I first heard sportswashing in a story that aired in mid-March on NPR’s 1A program, “How Countries Use Sports to Improve Their Image.” The story provided a definition: Sportswashing is the practice of laundering one’s reputation through sports; whether that be through team ownership, hosting a major tournament, or sponsorship....

On the Visual Thesaurus: Understanding 'Maven'
20 May 2022 | 1:48 pm

How did a Yiddish noun with Hebrew roots and a sardonic connotation become a popular brand name, a scientific backronym, and even a baby name? That’s the question I address in “Understanding Maven,” my May column for the Visual Thesaurus. I trace the spread of maven in mainstream culture back...

Word of the week: Choice
16 May 2022 | 12:50 pm

Last week, in response to the leaked draft of a US Supreme Court opinion that would overturn the legal right to abortion, the Pro-Choice Caucus of the US House of Representatives distributed new messaging guidelines to House Democrats. NEW: The Pro Choice Caucus has just sent out messaging materials to...

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