Protecting your email helps you stay safe from spam and online attacks - here are 6 ways to do it
8 June 2022 | 3:08 pm

Aside from spam, a valid email address is a powerful tool and it is often the foundation on which many cyber-attacks are built. Fortunately there are several ways you can avoid giving your real email address out unnecessarily, and which allow you varying degrees of control over your information.

Twitter is the United States of the Internet and citizens won’t leave no matter who’s in charge
19 May 2022 | 1:05 pm

There is no country next door for Twitter users, and if they pack their virtual bags and decide to head North, they'll find no kingdom or republic willing to accept them - only floating island micro-states in the form of niche social networks such Mastodon, and other Fediverse servers.

How to get the 2011 Scrivener Beta Working on Ubuntu 22.04
10 May 2022 | 7:28 am

The reason I haven't had time to explore Scrivener's many undoubtedly excellent features is that there isn't a functioning Linux version available. To me, this is bizarre - Literature & Latte created an employable beta many years ago, got it to the stage where it was actually usable and then abandoned it some time in 2011.

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