Banish search spam forever with uBlacklist!
8 April 2024 | 7:01 am

<img src="" alt="Google search results overlaid by a wall of spam cans" /> For a company that shot to success on the back of an algorithm that made it easy for ordinary people to find what they need online, Google has done an extraordinary job of turning their search engine into hot garbage. And make no mistake -&hellip;

A friendly reminder stay vigilant against scam emails from criminals and ne'er-do-wells
1 April 2024 | 11:05 am

<img src="" alt="A girl in a library using a laptop" /> Criminals gonna crim. It's what they do. Sometimes its kids operating out of suburban basements. Sometimes it's a more professional outfit. The trick isn't in stealing your money or assets - it's getting you to hand it over willingly - usually by logging into a&hellip;

LanguageTool is an AI-powered Grammar Checker you can self-host on your own hardware
30 March 2024 | 9:41 pm

<img src="" alt="spine of a book titled Grammar and composition" /> If you write or edit for a living, it can be worse than embarrassing when you mess up your sentence structure, repeat words, or misplace your punctation in a paragraph. In this writer's day job as an editor at SlashGear, it's the kind of thing&hellip;

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