Moving to a Cooperative World
24 July 2022 | 5:38 pm

I've been rethinking what I'm doing online and how I'm doing it, this has been going on for a while for other reasons :

=> /redacted/gjb2df.gmi Entry "Changes to the System"

Recently I've started using a CDN service based in Slovenia, the price isn't too bad for what I'm doing so it means I can focus less on perfectly planting a host that for the most part is accessible from most places (mainly being America). The CDN costs a few cents a month to give a bit of a boost to the delivery speed and managing some of the bot problems.

Following this up that I've been looking for a better place to keep my data, and I've started to come across a rather large network of cooperative hosts. I'm a member of Nubo(1) (based in Belgium) who I'm looking at potentially to move my email (still not exactly sure) to and more close to home a web host called Ouvaton(2) (based in France).

I had a bit of fun setting up the multiple hosts, but in general I'm spending far too much money on hosting that I don't really need and use. Not only that considering the nightmare of climate hell we're in, I don't even want to know about the CO2 all this is adding.

The benefits to me here are that I can drop a lot of financial obligation for a website that is basically static and that I can be more involved in the organisation where I keep my data.

Over the weekend, I've moved all the files over to Ouvaton and repointed the CDN. There are still a few parts that are on the other hosts which I need to start spinning down / repointing back to Ouvaton.

As for email, I'm still working that out, for the most part between how much I'm using Simplelogin my mailbox is encrypted. The only thing I'm testing is filtering and deliverability from simplelogin to the new host.

I may even just keep it with and Proton.

=> (1) Nubo => (2) Ouvaton

A tale of a rat and a cat
9 July 2022 | 12:55 pm

I probably have written a bunch of people this story at this point, then I completely forgot to write it here.

I've had a bit of things happen in the old life, so I've kind of been staring at a screen blankly for a while. Got a bit of a kick this week and I need to remember what's important (and this glorious text archive is the fruit of that labour).

Anyways, we begin the story :

A couple weeks back Samy and Jarod were spending a lot of time near the end of the garden, camping out in front of the planter box that I quite frankly never got around to do anything with (and the weeds appeciate this).

Thought they might have just been captured by some of the dead leaves getting moved with the breeze every so often or getting some of the sounds from the restaurant kitchen.

I thought nothing of it after the 2nd day, until of course the third came a long.

That is the day I found out exactly what these shits were up to, it seems something was in fact under there, Jarod got Samy to harass it enough to do a runner and oh boy, that street cat is a highly trained assassin.

Didn't even hear a sound, but it went down, Samy had pushed a rat out of there. He of course thought he was playing a game, he's not very good at rat hunting it seems, Jarod of course had other plans. Jarod fucked that rat up on the spot, caught it, broke it's neck, paraded around with it, came in to the house where I see my cat and this fuck off big rat in his mouth.

While I'm trying to get this prick to go back outside, because I naïevely thought that these two really just kept it around to chase and torment for a while, and this rat cunt was going to run havok through the house.

Jarod perplexed, went outside, I closed them both out there while I figured out what to do. Jarod flomped it on the floor, Samy sat in a corner clearly traumatised by this. Under this gaze of "whatever did just occur" Jarod starts freaking out, hopping about, swatting it, having a rather good time. That rat however, not having a great time.

I eventually find a box, shuffle it in, and move it outside of the terrasse. I appreciate that Jarod did what a professional company struggled to do, but this is of course a living creature (well not so much any more). I thought it might have been stunned so I left it alone to give it the opportunity to take off if that was the case, but honestly, I think it was more to have a peaceful death rather than it's last moments being a play thing.

Gave it about ten minutes, the rat passed on to the other plain, and I buried it as it would have loved to live its life to the fullest, by dropping it in the bin. The unobtainable wealth of delightful bio-GMO-free pasta at the bottom.

Jarod of course spent the next hour following the rat scent through his tracks outside and in the house, eventually it had gone, and the boys went back to their spots to wait for the next one.

The next one wouldn't come you see, rats aren't fucking stupid, and now I no longer have a rat issue. Can't say the same for the upstairs neighbour, cos that's where the fuckers took off to.

~~~ LA FIN ~~~~

Back to Proton
2 July 2022 | 9:57 pm

It was a while back now that I started to slowly move things off of ProtonMail (now Proton) over to Runbox and

I did this for a few reasons, and because I'm a Good Christian(TM) I will use this handy bullet point list :

* Running out of mailbox space * Limited aliases for what I needed * No ability to dynamically increase the above * The Androis app was a buggy piece of shit that never worked * Tiny bit expensive for all of that

A minor point for me was not having IMAP / SMTP access for Dela.Chat but never really a big problem since I used runbox and dabbled with a self hosted solution for a bit specifically for that.

In full transparency I use their VPN offering very regularly and I have an Invizbox + Invizbox Go.

However, recently though they made a lot of changes, one of them being the insane amount of space my account type got thrown up to (three tarabytes to answer that question). The Android app got fixed and using (now also a Proton property) fixes the rest of the things.

I'm still using for OH.MG's mail and a couple other domains are still on runbox, but I've moved OM.Gay back to Proton and having to organise my mailbox a bit better again after I gave up on getting Mailbox Zen(TM) as I prepared to run initially.

=> Updated Proton, unified protection => Proton and SimpleLogin are joining forces

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