Thighs and Whispers: The Shameless Perversion of Classic Book Titles in a Desperate Attempt to Create a Clever Blog Post
29 June 2022 | 6:23 am

Fair disclosure: This one gets a little naughty… 1. David, Cop Her Feel   (“A dispirited lad in London suddenly realizes that women have breasts and he chooses a new career path as a test subject in Knackered Nancy’s Massage School for Busty Lasses.”) 2. Jane Erred   (“A Young […]

Sunday in the Park with Brian: Therapy Session #36 (The “Sugar-Crusted Jelly at the Salvador Deli” Version)
25 June 2022 | 5:37 am

Yesterday, I ate enough food to feed a family of twelve. It all started out rather innocently, as I often state, usually with some degree of tongue in cheek, around mid-morning. Partner and I had arisen and were mutually staring into the jungle of contents within our wide-open […]

The Agony and the Egocentricity: 10 Things I Have Learned Whilst Doing Music Video Reviews
21 June 2022 | 5:56 am

1. Actual scripts are unimportant.   Why waste time paying people to come up with an original idea.? All you need is someone that can push the “on” button for the camera, some cool threads from the hottest fashion designer of the last half hour, and enough beer […]

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