Atop The Highest Mountain in Florida
28 May 2023 | 9:24 pm

Luckily, I had the previous experience of climbing mountains like Kilimanjaro, Mt. Rainier, and Licancabur in Bolivia, which adequately prepared me to summit Britton Hill, Florida’s highest mountain peak. At 345 feet above sea level, I took a chance and left the oxygen bottle at home and attempted the peak without supplemental oxygen. Although itContinue reading "Atop The Highest Mountain in Florida"

One Epic USA Road Trip: Bike Trails, Ballparks, and Natural Highs- Oh My!
18 May 2023 | 1:34 pm

An overview of a 40 day road trip from Oregon to Georgia and back, with helpful hints for cross country road travel with interesting stops in several states. Subsequent posts will provide more detail about specific locations on the route.

Virtual Travel for a Sustainable World
21 March 2023 | 7:53 pm

Methods of finding interesting ways to experience exotic travel destinations without increasing your carbon footprint.

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