Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail
1 June 2023 | 2:00 pm

Delaware & Raritan Canal Parl Trail

Bhavna and the kids, and I have often taken peaceful strolls along the canal between Rocky Hill and Kingston. Kingston's section of the Delaware and Raritan Canal Park Trail offers an easy way to get fresh air and exercise while enjoying the area's natural beauty.

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Row, Row, Row Your Boat
30 May 2023 | 1:31 pm

I've lived here for years and seen the Princeton University boat racing team practice on the lake. They compete against other college teams in the spring. I always wanted to take photos, but never remembered to. This time, I planned ahead.

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The Seed: A Living Beer Project
28 May 2023 | 12:55 pm

The Seed Taproom

Bhavna and I bid farewell to the fun weekend at Cape May and set Apple Maps to route us home with one additional stop at The Seed in Atlantic City. The drive from Cape May was uninteresting and uneventful. We arrived in Atlantic City, and the Apple Maps app navigated us through mostly empty city streets. The brewery is next to Westecunk Axe Throwing in a windowless brick building on Baltic Ave in a residential neighbourhood. The homes appeared to be a mixture of new modern townhouses and old row homes. The brewery’s location initially seemed peculiar, given its reputation. However, I've learned that great things often come from unexpected places. Curious and excited, I parked the car. Arriving a tad too early, I patiently waited in my car, eagerly glancing at the entrance of The Seed. The anticipation grew with each minute, like the bubbling excitement before taking the first sip of a perfectly chilled brew. Finally, the time came, and we hopped out of the car and stepped through the entrance, a small door on the side of the building. Upon entering, I was struck by the taproom's industrial aesthetic. It exuded a unique charm that perfectly complemented […]

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