2 July 2022 | 3:56 pm

Favorited From the Archives: Ton’s Thoughts on Work Life Boundaries, Barriers and Attractors by Nancy White A wonderful surprise to see a post in my feed reader discussing a posting I wrote 14 years ago. Nancy White is going through her old draft blogposts and dug this one up that has been in her drafts […]

1 July 2022 | 2:04 pm

Was in Rotterdam yesterday evening for a meeting at the Het Nieuwe Instituut (NI, ‘The New Institute’), the Netherlands’ national museum for architecture, design and digital culture which ao houses the National Collection for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning. Set in Rotterdams Museumpark, surrounded by the Rotterdam University for Applied Sciences and the Erasmus University […]

29 June 2022 | 5:19 am

In reply to Zehn Jahre Linkdump (archived version) by Dirk Deimeke “Webseiten verschwinden und Links verändern sich“: Ich überlege ob es Sinn hat Seiten auf die ich linke in Archive.org zu speichern und dann Archive.org Links im Blog zu verwenden. Falls leicht automatisierbar. So etwas wie “Hier Text mit Link (archive)”. Als Beispiel habe ich […]

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