Usable Podcast Transcripts for Everyone
29 April 2022 | 8:32 am

For the past two years, I have given talks about transcripts at the Dutch Podcast Festival and I have coached students on creating podcast transcripts. Podcasts have been gaining popularity for several years, soaring high when the pandemic started. Unfortunately less than half of them provide transcripts. And those who do (Yay!) tend to provide […]

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Custom Names for Post Formats in Gutenberg, Not Working
12 April 2022 | 1:00 pm

For a website I have implemented Post Formats as a way to indicate how a post should be formatted on the homepage. It’s an easy way to assign class name and style it with CSS. This way an editor can easily appoint a post as featured or as a post without featured image, thus making […]

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Jekyll Workflow
29 March 2022 | 11:27 am

Years ago I set up a small users documentation using Jekyll. Till today that little setup runs flawlessly when I need to add, delete or update content. I only need VS Code and Transmit to get the job done. I currently run Jekyll version 4.2.0 with macOS native Ruby. I don’t like updating local packages […]

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