Switching from Kindle to Kobo
5 March 2023 | 7:00 am

I got my first e-reader 10 years ago almost on the date. The Kindle Keyboard. Back then Amazon was the best available and Kindle store had the most ebook options. I wasn’t completely sold on the e-reader and after a couple of months, I was back almost full to hardcopy books. Then in 2017, I […]

When things change or don’t change
24 January 2023 | 10:48 am

If you have been following my blog, or social media or know me personally, you know I’m late deaf. I lost all my hearing 15 years ago and can’t hear even the loudest sound anymore. Before that, I was hard of hearing and getting by with hearing aids. But it was progressively getting worse until […]

2022 in review: highs and lows
31 December 2022 | 3:49 pm

Normally I don’t write end of year reviews, but I decided for this year, why not. This year has been a rollercoaster one. Most people are not aware that I’m chronically ill. I’ll keep the details personal but suffice to say, it means I work part-time, and am under the care of several specialists. For […]

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