Best productivity advice for November
1 November 2016 | 11:00 am

I refuse to mention the word Christmas – damn – but on this first day of November, some things do change and the year is canted toward its end. Plus you know that January is for making resolutions, February is … Continue reading

Sod the fear and do it anyway
31 October 2016 | 11:30 am

I’m pretty sure I was actually at this TEDxManchester talk: it was a few years ago and the presenter’s doubtlessly done it many times, but it stands out to me. Actually, it stands out most for the opening 90 seconds … Continue reading

Focus on one thing at a time
27 October 2016 | 11:30 am

I believe that splitting your concentration and even – gasp – multitasking means you end up with lots of things not finished. Probably not as good as they could be, either, but chiefly unfinished. Writer James Clear argues that there’s … Continue reading

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