A tale of tricky endings
26 February 2024 | 1:10 pm

Q: Can you please tell us the rules for using the suffixes “-tion,” “-sion,” and “-cion”? Very Interested, Busy and Confused Teachers. A: English borrowed all three endings from French in the Middle Ages, but they ultimately come from the same word fragment in Latin. So etymologically they’re three different spellings of the same term. […]

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On ‘giving’ and ‘giving back’
19 February 2024 | 1:10 pm

Q: Charitable giving is often characterized as “giving back,” which has a connotation of paying something owed.  My wife and I make substantial donations. I think of this as freely giving, not paying a debt. A: We’ve also made quite a few charitable donations over the years, and done many hours of volunteer work. And like […]

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Don’t sweat the small stuff
12 February 2024 | 1:10 pm

Q: Do you have information on the origin of the phrase “don’t  sweat the small stuff”? I didn’t find a convincing answer with Google search and ChatGPT. Any light you might be able to shed on the subject would be appreciated! A: As far as we can tell, the slang expression “don’t sweat the small stuff” […]

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