Praising with Faint Damnation
3 October 2022 | 12:31 am

This post is by Phil Price, not Andrew. A friend and I were discussing a route for a bike ride. I was pretty tired and unmotivated so I said sure but let’s do a really easy ride. I suggested taking … Continue reading

Ecologists push for more reliable research
2 October 2022 | 1:53 pm

John Williams points us to the above-titled news article by Cathleen O’Grady, subtitled, “Psychology’s replication crisis inspires efforts to expand samples and stick to a research plan.” There’s some new thing called the Society for Open, Reliable, and Transparent Ecology … Continue reading

Wow, this classic research article from 1955 on betting and probability has a really high math-to-conceptual-content ratio!
1 October 2022 | 1:54 pm

Mark Tuttle points to an article from 1955, “Fair Bets and Predictive Probabilities,” by John Kemeny. Tuttle writes: I assume that this paper is near and dear to your heart. At the time, during the “Bayesian” wars, I’m guessing it … Continue reading

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