Fundraising for Zoe’s leg surgery
16 September 2023 | 7:00 pm

This morning, my senior kitty Zoe somehow managed to break one of her front legs. She’s incredibly spry for her 17 years of age, and still jumps up and down from the bed and couch all the time, and presumably … Continue reading

Night of the Mannequins, by Stephen Graham Jones
14 September 2023 | 12:10 am

I’ve been working on getting myself back into a regular reading habit, and to warm up I’ve been looking for some punchy short horror novels. When I was recently at my local Barnes & Noble, this book practically jumped off … Continue reading

“Deterministic vortices evolving from partially coherent fields” in Optica!
6 September 2023 | 2:56 am

Some exciting personal and optics news: I just had a paper published in the prestigious journal Optica with my student Wenrui Miao and my colleague Yongtao Zhang on “Deterministic vortices evolving from partially coherent fields.” The paper is open access, … Continue reading

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