The Haas Type Foundry up until about 1927
30 October 2023 | 8:27 am

Friedrich Bauer did not include Basel type­foundries in his 1914 book, Chronik der deutschen Schrift­gießereien. Yet, in its second edition, he expanded the focus to include areas outside of Germany where German was spoken, including Basel. That update was published four years after Gustav Mori’s 1924 history of typefounding in Southern Germany and its neighboring territories.[1] […]

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Hand drawings for Berthold’s phototypesetting library
23 October 2023 | 10:50 am

Most of the Deutsches Technikmuseum’s collections are not on public display, including the original hand-made drawings for Berthold’s phototypesetting faces. The storage for Berthold’s Diatronic typefaces alone fills 32 metal cabinets that together take up 19 meters of storage space. Bundled into 2,179 red-colored cassettes are approximately 270,000 drawings. Aside from a single cassette on […]

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Augsburg typefoundries
6 September 2023 | 4:55 am

Augsburg was never a major typefounding center. However, the city was one of the earliest locations for printing in Western Europe. Augsburg was a Roman foundation – a military encampment was established about 15 years before the Common Era – named after Caesar Augustus. About a millennium and a half later, the city was the […]

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