Same Old Lang Syne; Shipping Glass Jars of Pizza Sauce
30 November 2023 | 7:28 pm

Do you know what I have noticed, just the past few years? They are playing Dan Fogelberg’s Same Old Lang Syne amidst the Christmas songs. I do not at all object: it takes place on Christmas Eve! And that is a song from my childhood, albeit one that baffled me as a child and baffles […]

Gifts for Rob, Who Is Impossible To Buy for But I Continue To Try
28 November 2023 | 8:44 pm

I impulse(/gin)-ordered Rob a tiny real tree yesterday evening: You know, I have TRIED to scale back on Amazon, for philosophical reasons, and I have succeeded to some extent. But when I look up my options for sending someone a tiny live tree, and I get results that include a $120-plus-shipping option, a $75-plus-delivery option, […]

Checklist for Having College Kids Home for Thanksgiving Break
27 November 2023 | 2:15 am

• Put up and decorate the Christmas tree, maybe even if you’re a die-hard “NOT UNTIL DECEMBER!!” person—because the college kid(s) won’t be back until mid-December, and that might be kind of late by even a die-hard’s standards. • Have them make a list of the holiday movies/shows they want you to wait to watch […]

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