22 September 2022 | 1:26 am

I had decided I wanted to get the Moderna version of the new Covid booster, for the same reasons various like-minded commenters mentioned: I’ve heard it’s best to mix, and I like balance; so if I have two Pfizer and one Moderna it would be nice to get another Moderna; and apparently the Moderna is […]

Discouraging and Disheartening
15 September 2022 | 8:20 pm

[Oh, dear, may I apologize in advance for what has turned into a long venty stress post? Please don’t feel as if you need to read it: I don’t think there is any NEWS in here.] [Oh, except at the end I mention some ice cream bars and books to try, so you might want […]

Art Major
4 September 2022 | 1:38 pm

We are gradually and with huge effort figuring out what we’re looking for in a school for Elizabeth, who wants to study art: 1. She does not want to go to An Art School; she wants to go to a school that has a good art degree but also has lots of other degrees. This […]

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