Review: Natural Building Workshop at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage
2 October 2022 | 12:30 pm

Where we live–the spaces we inhabit, and how they are designed, make an enormous difference in how we are able to address climate change and sustainability. Modern houses are commonly disconnected both from the land where they are placed but …

Druidry, Colonialism and the Spirit of the Mountain
25 September 2022 | 12:30 pm

A fundamental issue in practicing nature-based spirituality has to do with not only your relationship to the land but the relationship of the land in relation to your blood ancestors.  Many druids, including those of caucasian descent in North America …

Fall Equinox: A Spirit Walk
18 September 2022 | 12:30 pm

The Fall Equinox is a time of no time, a time of balance between the night and day, of balance between the physical and metaphysical.  Thus, it is a good time to seek balance and communion with the spirit world, …

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