Just because you can
16 January 2024 | 12:26 am

I thought I had spurned productivity culture. I thought I had embraced simplicity and small-life living. I thought I had divorced worthiness from accomplishment. I was wrong. When, 19 days before Christmas, in the wake of a concussion that wasn’t healing, my doctor banned me from screens and driving and reading and even freaking jigsaw … Continue reading Just because you can

December reflections
26 December 2023 | 3:08 pm

On December 6, my doctor told me to go home and not use my brain for at least 2 weeks. No reading, no writing, no driving, and–especially–no screens. “Just rest,” she said. “But what am I supposed to do all day?” I asked. She suggested walks in nature, meditation, long baths, relaxing music. I felt … Continue reading December reflections

A little PSA on head injuries
3 December 2023 | 4:22 pm

When I fell while skating, my most immediate concern was the hit I took to my head. I went to an urgent care clinic to have it checked out, but the people I saw there were more concerned about my wrist. I didn’t have any of the obvious symptoms of a concussion or other head … Continue reading A little PSA on head injuries

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