The Terrible Menswear In Live By Night (2016)
19 March 2023 | 7:14 am

After reviewing the menswear in the The Sting, I said that I wanted to appreciate movie costuming on its own merit. Film wardrobes aren’t made to be a perfect lift from a period; it is still an art form that expresses the view of the costume designer and the filmmakers as a whole. We can […]

Dapper Day At The Huntington, Spring 2023
13 March 2023 | 10:50 pm

I’m a big proponent of making your own Occasions. Going to a museum or even dinner with friends becomes a #Menswear event when you all get to do it while wearing clothes you enjoy. As we get older (and remote work becomes more accepted), acknowledging our Agency of Occasion seems like the best way to […]

My Brother, MJ
12 March 2023 | 3:12 am

After Spencer, it was only natural that I get to canonize MJ. He was here first after all! For the past 20+ years, MJ has been my best friend. I think you can tell just based on all the photos we take together! Even though we live in different cities and went to different academies […]

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