The Shit Show
15 January 2023 | 8:22 pm

Well, it happened. We knew it was coming. A prick pulled the plug. And what bothers me most about it is how Space Karen did it. My mom passed away just before Christmas. Her decline was something everyone in the family saw coming and we prepared for her demise. It still hurts like hell, but […]

SimBuddy – Your Simulator’s BFF
20 December 2022 | 7:54 pm

Have you ever added code like this to your app? print(Bundle.main.resourcePath!) print(FileManager.default.urls(for: .documentDirectory, in: .userDomainMask).first!.path) Or maybe you’ve been frustrated that you can’t add that code because you’re in the middle of debugging? Yeah, me too. Many times. The locations show above, and many others, are available from Xcode using the xcrun simctl command. Every application on […]

Managing Xcode Downloads
10 November 2022 | 12:35 am

Beginning with Xcode 14, the Simulators for watchOS and tvOS are available as separate downloads (iOS and macOS are still “built-in”). This reduces the app download size significantly, but it also means that you now have to manage these large (3-4 GB) components yourself. When you launch Xcode 14 the first time, you are prompted […]

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