Camino de Costa Rica - Day 14
29 January 2023 | 1:10 pm

Saturday - I thought yesterday was hot and humid, but today wins! We dropped down the last few hills before a 12 mile walk along dirt roads through vast palm oil forests and paved roads through small towns in the coastal flatland. It was mostly a grind avoiding traffic and keeping the feet moving towards the coast.

We did stop at a store for fresh coconut water - a straw poked in a hole in the coconut! That was refreshing.

Reaching the end of the trail around 1:30 at the ocean in Quepos was sudden and fulfilling. With no more land to walk on, we could take our time the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying our success.

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Camino de Costa Rica - Day 13
28 January 2023 | 11:40 am

Friday - Is it possible to have 110% humidity?
Our hike started up on a ridgeline with swallow-tailed kites riding the wind above us. At about 8am, we got our first view of the Pacific Ocean 13 days after walking away from the Caribbean Sea!

Once we began the long descent towards the coast, the humidity skyrocketed. Low, stifling clouds and warmth from the sun made a great sauna experience. Our support vehicle stopping with cold drinks and snacks occasionally made it much more bearable.
Most of our hike was on remote dirt roads through lush rain forest but 27km of mostly steep descents wow on legs that had been hiking for 12 days already.
Lunch was at a very remote home of a man that left the city life to subside off the land. The view from his lofty shelter was wonderful. The home grown vegetable meal was also delicious. After lunch, he led us on a faint jungle trail back to the main route. In this thick jungle, the humidity was obvious and did not let up until the end of the day.

With occasional glimpses of the coast to motivate us, we hiked on eventually reaching a most wonderful destination for the night.
Rudy has created a bird sanctuary to conserve lands and education people. It is over 100 acres of land set aside from encroachment and open to visitors to learn about pretty much all things conservation-minded in Costa Rica. He is extremely passionate and had a great small staff to provide a memorable experience. And, they have the best hot shower that over had on the past 2 weeks!

After a nice chat about conversation and a most wonderful chicken dinner, it has cooled down considerably and is now finally pleasant. But, honestly, I believe today was probably the most humid hike I"ve ever done. The jungle was alive with the sounds of cicadas and birds at times, and this is what I was expecting when contemplating a hike across Costa Rica. I"m just glad every day was not like this.

As I"m writing this before bed, I have huge cicadas flying about and landing on me. Nature everywhere!

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Camino de Costa Rica - Day 12
27 January 2023 | 12:23 am

Thursday - today was a shorter 15km hike sandwiched between long yesterday and longer tomorrow. It was sort of a "more of the same" hike with steep roads and coffee plantations.

We had great, cool weather most of the day with clouds billowing all around us but no rain. The wind was very strong at points.

Learning how the coffee is picked, measured, transported, and processed was interesting. Seeing actual workers laboring in the sun on the steep hillsides was sobering.

Our hike ended with a nice lunch at a home on a mountain with views far out over the valley. From there, a shuttle took us to our lodging in a different town. Tonight, it is a private house being rented out.

I don"t think I"ll ever really figure out how to get a hot shower in Costa Rica. The electric heater in the showerhead is a great idea but seems impossible for me to regulate.

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