Plague Humor?
21 March 2023 | 9:31 am

Whose dead? Who's dead? Bring out your dead.

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It's Monday Morning. Do You Know Where Your Motivation Is?
20 March 2023 | 11:03 am

One of the things that keep me going, every day, and especially on Mondays, is the recognition that right here, right now, is what living is all about. Vince Lombardi preached that wisdom, every day of his life. Don't chase...

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What If We Had Had ChatGPT In College?
19 March 2023 | 6:08 pm

I was an English Literature major in college. My fellow students who weren't into literature used a service called "Cliff's Notes" to avoid reading classical lit and poetry. I loved reading the stuff, so I had no need for a...

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