Craft and Work London 2024
27 May 2024 | 7:11 am

There ist my friend Keir Whitaker, who joined the beyond tellerrand boat roughly a year ago. The reason for this post: This time he is not helping me with my stuff, no, he is organising an event also. An event that is targeting people who want to know more about building better digital, and creative businesses and who are focusing on better e-commerce for example.

So, if you are a founder or entrepreneur, or someone running their business as a singe person, this event is for you. I myself am going to be there as well and am extremely looking forward to it! And as I heard, there are a very few tickets left. So better be quick to not miss out.

More information about Craft + Work here …

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Time to Relax DUS24
21 May 2024 | 8:39 am

Photo showing me on the right holding my wife Tanja in my arm and we both look into the camera, standing in front of a sun down.

Running events like beyond tellerrand is wonderful and even more that I can call something like this “my job”. But it’s also exhausting. You might think, once the festival is over I can relax, but usually there is a lot of work post-event to be done. Easily two more weeks full of stuff to say thanks, pay the bills and collect material and coverage etc. And yes, there is Berlin also, where I need to focus on to make it as good as the last one in Düsseldorf.

Therefore it is the best to have my lovely wife Tanja to remind me to actually take a break and just calm down, doing nothing but spending time in the sun, trying to process what has been experienced. We had a fantastic weekend and relaxed at the Dutch sea. Thank you Tanja! ❤️

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beyond tellerrand Düsseldorf 2024 is sold out
9 May 2024 | 8:57 am

Had a lovely breakfast prepared by my children for father’s day today. Sitting in my studio now, sun is shining outside, am listening to Jane’s Addiction and writing welcome letters for the speakers of the sold out beyond tellerrand festival in Düsseldorf 2024.

Am happy.

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