The solar industrial revolution is the biggest investment opportunity in history
22 May 2024 | 4:14 pm

Solar is in the process of shearing off the base of the entire global industrial stack – energy – and the tech sector still lacks a unified thesis for how to best enable, accelerate, and exploit this transition. There is a bitter lesson here – solar is all you need. Modern humans evolved perhaps 200,000 years ago, and for the 10,000 intervening generations between then and now, endured 100 billion mostly short, poverty stricken, ignorant, and fearful lifetimes. Our current time is so different from even the lives of our grandparents that it is difficult to make a comparison, but …

Can wind compete with solar?
1 May 2024 | 10:30 pm

It’s lucky I like solar power because it’s impossible for me to open the X app without seeing insanely great news about solar deployment progress. This progress is driven by consistent declines in solar cost, summarized in the graph below. Solar is on a fast track to “rounds to zero” cost for land-based energy generation. Wind was initially cheaper than solar, but its learning rate is not as steep and solar, with no moving parts and no cranes required for deployment, has passed it in most places. Still, it’s a long road from here to energy market saturation with solar …

How to Feed the AIs
12 March 2024 | 9:09 pm

As recently discussed on The Carbon Copy with Brian Janous, utilities are seeing major forecasted demand growth for the first time in decades, and almost entirely from data centers. These data centers are running the internet, serving videos, hosting blogs …

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