Fighting Seasonal Depression
30 November 2023 | 5:52 pm

We’re inching closer and closer to the Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere. For reference, I sit at about 41º north, right about the same as New York City. At this latitude, we get about 9 hours, 15 minutes of sun on the first day of winter. Not as bad as some places, but, still at a point where I could see the sun going to work, but, not coming home.

Couple this with the trees now getting bare and it gets to be a pretty depressing landscape for me. The world tends to look more greyscale with far less color. November and December are also the busiest months for me with the Christmas rush at work. My schedule becomes irregular and people are generally harder to deal with. It all wears on me.

So, how do I cope?

I’m learning more and more to lean into the things I love. I love listening to music, watching sports, being outside (even though it’s cold and the air is painful), and I’m remembering I love cooking. A couple days ago, I made French toast. I feel useful in the kitchen. I love the process of cooking, where you can combine things in a certain order and make something new. To me, cooking is something to be shared, so, I enjoy offering my creations to others and seeing them enjoy it. French toast is a hit in my home, which makes it a dopamine hit for me.

I’m not saying any of this is easy. I have to force my way out of my ruts more often than not. I’m tired, my body hurts, and it’s far easier to lay in one place for as long as possible. Sometimes, that is needed. We all need rest. Eventually, that inner voice tells me it’s time to get up. That’s when I feel I need to resist the urge to lay around any longer and do something that’ll make me feel good emotionally, like put an album on, go for a walk, or cook. I also endorse writing your feelings out, like I’m doing now. Whether it’s a blog or a journal, it’s all good.

Do what you have to do to get through, as long as those things aren’t destructive to you or others. We’re all in these winter months together.

30 November 2023 | 3:32 pm

Is anyone using the 80% max charge option on iPhone? I’m starting to believe I can get away with it.

30 November 2023 | 3:20 am

It’s worth it to spend a couple extra bucks for good hot chocolate.

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