Be nice and kind to yourself
13 July 2024 | 3:11 pm

When you’re being nice, you are being polite with the intention of making someone feel good. You may be withholding your honesty because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. When you’re being kind, you are being honest with the intention of helping someone improve. You will tell someone that there is food in their […]

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Two types of confidence
12 July 2024 | 3:11 pm

Confidence means different things to different people. Generally, there are two types of confidence: Epistemic confidence describes a person’s certainty about what’s true. When a meteorologist reports a 70% chance of rain, they are expressing epistemic confidence.  Social confidence describes a person’s comfort with their social expression and role. When a person steps on a […]

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Doing the impossible
11 July 2024 | 3:11 pm

Nobody thought it was possible to run a mile in less than four minutes.  Until 70 years ago, one person did it. He believed he could, because he saw his run times improve slowly and steadily.  Then a month after that, somebody else ran a mile in under four minutes.  Since then, nearly 2,000 more […]

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