Feeling meh, exercise, and rage machine
16 August 2022 | 4:30 am

I’ve been very tired lately — not a sentence I like to open with but it is what it is with chronic fatigue. It comes when it comes, often with no rhyme or reason. It just shows up like an uninvited guest.1

And it comes bearing gifts of ugly sweaters in the form of a 50 pound weight attached to your body and another 50 pound weight attached to your spirit as it pulls down physically and mentally.

Overall I’m stronger than I was a year ago. I also hoped maybe the chronic fatigue would go away. Maybe it will. At least it’s making less frequent visits but it sucks when it comes and drags you down just when you start feeling good again. Meh.

It probably explains why I haven’t felt much like writing lately.


If I feel crappy I may as well do something to help my body get stronger, right?

So I dragged myself over to a nature preserve and went for a short jog through the woods. Man, I was wiped afterwards but my body felt a bit better. Running (or anything cardio-wise) seems to help clear some stuck gunk out of my body.

A quick dip in a local pool afterwards helps recover from the run. I like to prop my elbows on a corner and close my eyes, feeling the cool water swirl around and work its healing magic.

I’m going to make it a goal to at least run or do some form of cardio every two or three days whether I feel good or not. Especially when I don’t as long as I can walk out the door.

All part of leveraging moments of weakness into strength — making lemonade outta lemons.


Lately I’ve noticed the rage machine” has slowly infiltrated my Fediverse and Micro.blog timelines. Prior it’s been blissfully free of it.

I’m not sure why the change since I’m pretty much following the same folks as usual. I was hoping the rage machine would stay isolated to Twitter and the mainstream networks but where there are humans, human-ness inevitably follows.

It’s okay to see rage now and then but when I’m seeing it daily in my feed it takes away from enjoying seeing what my friends are up to and what’s new and cool, etc.

All is not lost however. Thanks to the wonderfully un-algorithmic nature of the Fediverse and Micro.blog it’s relatively easy to clean up one’s timeline by muting or unfollowing the more discordant voices out there.

I’ll miss their regular posts but better that than to see constant discontent in places I’ve come to enjoy.

  1. I read somewhere that health is one of seven things you’re not supposed to talk about. It did give me pause since health is technically a selfish subject but I want to be an open book here chronicling the wandering life — good, bad, and boring.↩︎

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