Hi there. It’s good to see you here. 👋

So why Blogroll.org?

Some allege blogging is dead… It might have shrunk a bit but it never died.

It’s become harder to uncover gems lost inside bloated search engines and silos of algorithmic societies that prefer you stay within (to better monetize you).

There’s a whole lot out there, still.

Blogroll.org is a living map pointing the way to solitary souls plunking away on their electronic scrolls amidst a vast sea of bits and bytes.

As a professional wanderer I love roaming the world wide web freely, diving into rabbit holes of hyperlink after hyperlink. Blogroll.org is a way of sharing these explorations with you and giving back to the web.

(If you’ve found a particularly delightful rabbit hole to fall into, be sure to share it. And if you have a blog, add a blogroll of your favorite blogs to it!)

Enjoy the journey, fellow wanderers. It’s a wild one with many islands to be discovered.

…a wandering alien from a different plane roaming the universe in a tiny camper…

P.S. Wondering who the heck this dude is? Here’s an author bio.)