...a wandering alien from a different plane roaming the universe in a tiny camper...

I'm the proprietor behind this here blog. My name is Ray and I'm a long time online-geek hailing from the old days of electronic bulletin board systems (BBSes). I'm also the guy behind Blogroll.org and NewsletterGeeks.com. Those sites are borne out of my enduring love for blogs and online communities.

In my "real" job, I own and operate one of the longest lasting collegiate sports community sites (since 1996) in GatorCountry.com. I'm just as surprised as you might be about that. ; )

I also happen to be living life as a professional wanderer, roaming the continent in my tiny camper. It's something I've been doing for a few years now and also much to my surprise it's become another enduring love of mine. You can read a bit about my travels on my personal blog at AlongtheRay.com.

Blogs are the soul of the web

One of the great things of wandering a sea of personal blogs is it feels as if I’ve been traveling through people’s backyards, living & dining rooms, bedrooms (some mischievously dark) and so forth in their uniquely beautiful minds. It’s…

Short note on Blogroll.org

Fellow wanderers, You may have noticed very few additions lately… Here’s why: A couple weeks ago I took an extended break from the computer to re-invigorate my health ‘n such (link takes you to my personal blog where I write…

What using RSS feeds feels like

Giles made a really good point that while we can try our best to explain the concept of RSS feeds to others, many may not “get” it. Sometimes it’s better to explain how it feels to use: I want to…

State of the Blogroll

Around every three months I run a link checker on Blogroll.org to see who’s fallen by the wayside or whatever changes there might be via URLs shifting ’n all. It’s how I keep the blogroll fresh and clean just for you!

My observations from these scans:

- An average of one or two blogs disappear completely during each cycle (i.e. their domain no longer works or the blog has been deleted).

- While it’s fortunate to only lose a couple every few months, it’s always sad to see them go and they leave a hole in the blogverse. Like losing friends.

- A large portion of redirect errors come from blogs changing their URLs (i.e. moving to new locations or changing the way they do links, etc.) and forgetting to also redirect their RSS feed. So don’t forget your RSS feed when you change things up, folks!

Have you “Moved to Substack”?

Lately I’ve been coming across quite a few abandoned blogs with a note along the lines of “Moved to Substack.” That’s all well and good but when you do that you no longer own your platform (and IMO lose a…

Keeping it simple

When I first built Blogroll.org I went big with a fancy home page, several explainer pages, boxes of links, a message board in lieu of comments and so forth.

Fun and exciting times!

But then…

I noticed over the past few months I was slowly backing off posting new links, posts, etc.

A couple things

Quick notes on things at the Blogroll.org HQ: – I got hungry and added Food/Drink as a new category for personal blogs focusing on those topics. If you have any favorites, feel free to let me know by commenting (or…

“A Gentle Intro to RSS”

I talk about RSS feeds quite a bit — they’ve been around for decades and are one of the easiest (and best) ways to keep up with your favorite blogs. However, in the zeal of my love for it, I sometimes forget that not everyone knows what RSS feeds are, much less how to use them in the first place.

Beware Chrome’s follow button?

By now you've probably heard Google's testing an RSS follow button in Chrome that lets readers follow blogs, etc. and read those articles in a new "Following" tab in the browser. At first glance it's great news -- anything that helps readers follow blogs can only help, right? The problem is this is Google we're talking about...