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A couple things

Quick notes on things at the Blogroll.org HQ: – I got hungry and added Food/Drink as a new category for personal blogs focusing on those topics. If you have any…

“A Gentle Intro to RSS”

I talk about RSS feeds quite a bit — they’ve been around for decades and are one of the easiest (and best) ways to keep up with your favorite blogs. However, in the zeal of my love for it, I sometimes forget that not everyone knows what RSS feeds are, much less how to use them in the first place.

Beware Chrome’s follow button?

By now you've probably heard Google's testing an RSS follow button in Chrome that lets readers follow blogs, etc. and read those articles in a new "Following" tab in the browser. At first glance it's great news -- anything that helps readers follow blogs can only help, right? The problem is this is Google we're talking about...

Free your blog from the tyranny of pace

When it comes to personal blogs and blogging, screw pace. Rather than pressuring yourself under artificial time & quantity constraints, just write for yourself. Readers (and you) will be happier when you do.

Just write – your way

Following up from Blogging from insecurity into authenticity, where the gist is to be authentic and simply write for yourself: Greg Morris: While you are worrying about everyone else’s opinions on…

Be comment friendly

Comments, comments, comments... Some bloggers hate 'em. Some love 'em. It's a personal choice; there's no right or wrong to it. But if you're gonna do comments, you gotta go all in and do 'em right.