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I’ve thrown together a crotchety, contradictory, truthful, terrible, rich and ridiculous website of ideas, arts, ego, errors, opinions, rants, and mumblings.

A gorgeously delightfully different kind of website he calls an "identity website" to project one's identity onto. Very much worth exploring.

Myth & Moor

Notes from a Dartmoor studio on folklore, fairy tales, fantasy, mythic arts & mythic living

"This blog, running since 2008, is an informal journal of readings, reflections, and rambles through the forests of myth and legend. My focus is on fantasy, folklore, fairy tales, and the ways they are used in contemporary arts, along with thoughts on living a life well-rooted in myth, nature, and community." -- Beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated. It's where your soul can sink into nature and its denizens.