Blogs are the soul of the web

One of the great things of wandering a sea of personal blogs is it feels as if I’ve been traveling through people’s backyards, living & dining rooms, bedrooms (some mischievously dark) and so forth in their uniquely beautiful minds.

It’s so very inviting because you are entering deeply vulnerable realms of fellow humans from all walks of life. Often you’ll find yourself wading into their souls and therefore enriching your own soul.

I believe this togetherness across spaces of bits isn’t a random accident of stumbling…

It’s as if these blogs are carefully placed mines (minds?) scattered across a faded internet to jar us free from loops of mindless algorithms.

Indeed, these mines blow us back into our humanness as a reminder of who we are and let us know we’re most definitely not alone in cyberspace (despite rumors to the contrary).

Oh, the stories we all could tell…

That’s what personal blogs do, sharing all flavor of stories with doors wide open in warm embrace of their words.

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