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Fellow wanderers,

You may have noticed very few additions lately… Here’s why:

A couple weeks ago I took an extended break from the computer to re-invigorate my health ‘n such (link takes you to my personal blog where I write about it).

I know I would benefit from another couple weeks so rather than half-arse the break and cut it short, I’ll resume normal activity here in a couple weeks.

Blog submissions continue to roll in and will be taken care of.

I truly appreciate your patience — after 40 years of non-stop “computing” I’m starting to see the value of taking extended amounts of time off here and there for mental and physical vitality.

Take care and remember to take an extended break now and then too — your mind and body will love you for it.

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  1. I’m happy for you Ray. I had missed the original post on the personal blog – the list of benefits you’re enjoying from the break is inspiring. Staying in touch with one’s self is a beautiful thing. You go!

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