Keeping it simple

When I first built I went big with a fancy home page, several explainer pages, boxes of links, a message board in lieu of comments and so forth.

Fun and exciting times!

But then…

I noticed over the past few months I was slowly backing off posting new links, posts, etc.

After taking some time off to meditate on why, I realized became a psychic burden weighting on my shoulders with so many things to update. Ugh.

It was no longer fun.

So recently I simplified things by dumping extraneous pages, shutting off the message board and wiped out the front page by swapping it with the actual blogroll (where it should have been all along). went back to the roots of a blogroll without the extra junk.

Ahhhh… I can breathe easier and I don’t feel pressure anymore to keep so many things updated.

It’s easy and fun again.

This can very much apply to your own blogs and such. If you’re struggling to write, try to simplify the mission and bend your blog to where you are in the moment.

(Ways to trim things down: Knock down the number of pages needing to be updated. Change up your posting cadence. Turn it into a micro blog or newsletter. Post your photos instead. Make it an informal journal, etc. Whatever makes it easy for you to share something.)

Most of all, drop whatever preconceived notions you may have of the “right way” to blog. There is only one way — yours.

Enjoy. That’s the key!

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  1. @alongtheray keeping it simple always helps 👍🏽 Plus I completely agree, there’s only one “right” way to blog as you say.

  2. @amit Amen to that! Just noticed your newsletter and it’s stopped. Good reasoning behind ending it, something we should always remember.

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