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ResearchHistory4Today.comMay 14, 2021
ResearchHistory4Today.comMay 14, 2021
I’ll be teaching a fully asynchronous online 8-week course this summer, on American Economic History. It’s an experimental course at a junior-senior elective level, which is also open to grad…
Tools & AppsFraidycatMay 4, 2021
This release is all you - I abdicate. Fraidycat users submitted a variety of fixes on Github - including an important fix to syncing from @andrew-wja.
TravelsLuxagrafApril 24, 2021
Late in the summer of 2018 we spent two weeks camping in Buffalo National Grassland, on the edge of Badlands National Park. We only went into the park itself a…
Tools & AppsFraidycatApril 13, 2021
A @glitchyowl / @kickscondor joint. Home to Fraidycat, Multiverse, MakeSpace and more.
Tools & AppsFraidycatApril 12, 2021
Bit of a rocky two weeks - working through bugs and the Google store approval process. The cat is back - extra requests are fixed now and an additional sync…
TravelsLuxagrafApril 9, 2021
Coastal Louisiana doesn't have many beaches. It's mostly marsh, cat tails and reeds populated primarily by herons, spoonbills, coots, and other water birds. It's a flat, almost featureless, world when…
Tools & AppsFraidycatMarch 21, 2021
Thanks to suggestions by sogen on Github, Tumblr support has been improved in Fraidycat. Futureland users and journals can also now be followed! Also have had recent fixes to Twitch…