Blogging from insecurity into authenticity

There’s times we tangle with bouts of insecurity when we do that delicate dance of laying words out for the world to read (and we know it can be harsh sometimes).

It happens to all of us, bloggers new and old. 

The best way out of that uncomfortable tango? Get out of other people’s heads by remembering you are writing for yourself.

Be authentic.

Shahrin at Small Moments of Wonder waxes eloquently on this:

The thing with blogging is . . . it’s the authenticity that matters. . . . I like the person they have created with their words. I connect with those stories. It’s all because of the personal touch they add – it’s their uniqueness that makes me visit their page again and again.

…do not compare yourself with other bloggers. Something I am learning each day that you got to do your own thing. Remember blogging is something you do for yourself.

More where her words sing:  “Blogging Insecurities” →

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